Hybrid board game concept

Context – First step of the ENJMIN’s 2019 competitive exam (February 2019 – March 2019).

Goal – Propose, via a 20 pages document and in 6 weeks, a game concept inspired by one or several marketing techniques explored in ARTE‘s Propaganda video series.

Conception – UNCOVER IT ! is built around the idea of mystery, through the universe of magic, to which is added a polarising dynamic in order to spice up the experience. 

UNCOVER IT ! is a board game in which one player plays a magician that has to distract the other players – the spectators – from what they are hiding behind their magic hat.

The spectators play against one another and can bet between two choices – one of them being what is hidden behind the magician’s hat.

The magician must give a short speech – that they can stage using the smartphone app that comes with the game – and has to be the least clear possible to not unveil the result.