Narrative Puzzle Rogue-like concept

Context – First step of the ENJMIN’s 2018 competitive exam (February 2018 – March 2018).

Goal – Propose, via a 20 pages document and in 6 weeks, a game concept inspired and informed by Récits d’Ellis Island : histoires d’errance et d’espoir from Georges Perec and Robert Bober.

Conception – Towards Heaven is based on the idea of abandon a été basé sur le principe d’abandonment (the one european immigrants faced by going to the US) and the manifold stories implied by the travel of millions of humans.

Towards Heaven is a point’n’ click 2D rogue-like in which the player plays a character whose identity changes entirely between runs.

The goal is to reach a floating island in the sky by travelling on board of a celestial ship, and then to solve the island’s tests once there.

The game is structured in three phases : preparation, travel and tests. You have to go through all of them to arrive at your final destination and reach the promised land.