2D isometric Narrative Stealth-Exploration game

Context – Global Game Jam 2019 (January 2019)

Goal – Make a game in 48h with a team of 6 with the given  theme : “What home means to you”

Roles – Game designer, level designer. I also contributed in the the graphic department, making nocturnal versions of sprites.

Burnout is an introspective game about a developer haunted by his work, for whom home is the only place where he can achieve peace.

Alternate between upbeat, peaceful exploration and disturbing, anxiety-driven stealth in a 2D isometric GBA-looking game !

Below, the level i designed and integrated for the project, the second level of the game.

During the “Day” phase, the player starts in the lower side of the screen and has to go in the upper-right corner. This phase is mostly about exploring and memorizing the level’s layout.

During the “Night” phase, the player starts in the upper-right corner and has to go in the lower side of the screen. This time, they have to avoid being seen by the monsters haunting the woods !

BURNOUT – Lucas FRICHE, Florian ORTEGA, Benjamin PELTIER, Florentin PETERS, Chris WARIN