2D Narrative Platformer

Context – Master’s Degree in Playful Design Experience

Goal – Creating a prototype of a 2D narrative platformer with a satisfying game feel

Roles – Game designer, developper, level designer, integrator, compositor

Astray is a 2D narrative platformer in which you play a mediator chosen to solve the conflict tearing up their community : should they stay or get out of the forest ?

During the game, you meet the specters Ignis and Septimus, both advocates of one of the two choices between which you’ll have to choose. 

Your choices influence your progression in the forest : movement, levels, music… all of them adapt depending on who you decide to side with.

Explore a strange forest, discover the past of the forest’s people and find the way that suit you the best.

Behind, a playthrough of some levels I worked on :

And as a bonus, three pieces I composed for the game, the last two being variations of the first one : 

ASTRAY – Lucas FRICHE, Florian ORTEGA, Florentin PETERS